North Side Poolside Condos

102-106 & 201-206

The living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen and master bedroom face north and they also face neighboring residential properties, 2-one story buildings, one-2 story building, and one-3 story building, and we have in the landscaping 3 Cuban Laurel trees that provide a buffer from the neighboring houses. The second floor apartments have a sneak look to the beach, you’ll need to walk out to your patio to see the water. The north building apartments provided a shady patio most of the day, some sun will shine on your patio later in the day.

South Side Poolside Condos

114-118 & 213-218

The living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen and master bedroom faces south and the neighboring property to the south is a condominium. The neighboring condominium has it’s patios facing their courtyard, so what’s visible from the Nautilus is their apartment entry walkways. There is one Cuban Lauren tree in our landscaping and several palm trees. Like the North Building, the second floor apartments have a sneak view to the beack viewable from your pation. Here you will have a patio that is sunny in the morning and shady later in the afternoon.

Poolside Weekly Rates

January 3 – January 29
April 10 – May 27
August 7 – September 3
September 6 – November 19
November 27 – December 17
$1,617.00 Weekly
January 30 – March 26
April 13 – 19
May 31 – July 2
July 10 – August 6
$1,904.00 Weekly
March 27 – April 9
May 28 – May 30
July 3 – July 9
September 3 – September 5
November 20 – November 26
December 18 – January 1
$2,002.00 Weekly
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  • The condos are one week minimum rentals in peak season. No 8 or 9 night stays in peak seasons. 10 or more night stays are available in peak season.
  • The reservation page indicates nightly rentals. This means that we can customize your visit with additional nights added onto your reservation beyond our 7 and 10 night stays. Nightly stays are not available.
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